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A Handbook of Globalisation and Environmental Policy, Second Edition

A Handbook of Globalisation and Environmental Policy, Second Edition

National Government Interventions in a Global Arena

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Edited by Frank Wijen, Kees Zoeteman, Jan Pieters and Paul van Seters

In the current era of globalisation, national governments are increasingly exposed to international influences that present new constraints and opportunities for domestic environmental policies. This comprehensive, revised Handbook pushes the frontiers of theoretical and empirical knowledge, and provides a state-of-the-art examination of the multifaceted effects of globalisation on environmental governance.

Chapter 1: Globalisation and National Environmental Policy: Update and Overview

Frank Wijen, Kees Zoeteman, Jan Pieters and Paul van Seters

Subjects: business and management, management and sustainability, environment, environmental law, environmental management, environmental sociology, law - academic, environmental law, politics and public policy, public policy


Frank Wijen, Kees Zoeteman, Jan Pieters, and Paul van Seters SUMMARY After outlining recent developments and the scope, target audience, and structure of the book, we review the literature on globalisation and environmental policy, especially the impact of globalisation on the environment and changes in environmental governance in relation to increasingly global spheres of influence. This is followed by a succinct representation of the essential points of all contributions to this volume. While each chapter has its own distinct focus and perspective, we identify common themes in major outcomes and future directions: the delicate and multifaceted relation between economic globalisation and environmental protection, shifts in domestic environmental issues, evolving governance mechanisms, dealing with changed sovereignty, the promotion of self-enforcing mechanisms, prospects for existing and new policy instruments, and finding a new balance between globalisation and national environmental policy. INTRODUCTION Important developments have taken place since the contributions to the first edition of this book were written, some six years ago. Social media are the most recent manifestation of a booming internet, connecting billions of people around the world. Globalisation’s dark side manifested itself in 2007 and subsequent years when the financial crisis in the United States (US) spread over globally interrelated markets. The geo-economic landscape has changed significantly with the sustained high economic growth of a substantial number of emerging markets, resulting in an upsurge of the global demand for natural resources and sometimes dramatic forms 3 M2782 - WIJEN TEXT.indd 3 16/11/2011 11:30 4 A Handbook of Globalisation...