European Foreign Policy

European Foreign Policy

Legal and Political Perspectives

Edited by Panos Koutrakos

Written by leading experts, this book focuses on central issues of the foreign policy of the European Union. The issues explored include: • how the EU’s judges understand its relationship with the international order; • the coherence of the Union’s external action; • the EU’s approach to its neighbours; • the Common Security and Defence Policy; and, • the EU’s participation in international organisations.


Panos Koutrakos

Subjects: law - academic, european law, politics and public policy, european politics and policy


Panos Koutrakos THE RATIONALE FOR THIS VOLUME: A MEETING AND A CONVERSATION To argue that the European Union has become an international actor is to state the obvious. Since the establishment of the Communities in the 1950s, and in the light of successive rounds of internal constitutional and institutional reform, the Union has developed a sophisticated network of relations with its neighbours, considerable links with third states and international organisations, a framework for a political, security and defence policy to accompany its external economic policies, an institutional infrastructure to support it, and has engaged in a wide range of security and defence operations around the globe. A number of internal and external factors have raised the profile of the Union’s international role: the consolidation of European integration, the introduction of a common currency, and the recent rounds of enlargement, along with the new international environment shaped by the terrorist attacks first in New York and then in Madrid and London, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the increasing interdependence on the international scene, to name a few, have all rendered the development of the Union’s international relations fast and that of its ambition even faster. This ambition is reflected in the long and painful process of group therapy which the Union has undergone in the last nine years. The Laeken Declaration on the Future of the European Union, which initiated the process of reform of the Union’s Treaties in December 2001, referred prominently to ‘Europe’s new role in a globalised...