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Handbook of Global Research and Practice in Corruption

Handbook of Global Research and Practice in Corruption

Elgar original reference

Edited by Adam Graycar and Russell G. Smith

Corruption is a global phenomenon with costs estimated to be in the trillions of dollars. This source of original research and policy analysis deals with the most important concepts and empirical evidence in foreign corrupt practices globally.

Chapter 1: Research and Practice in Corruption: An Introduction

Adam Graycar and Russell G. Smith

Subjects: economics and finance, economic crime and corruption, law - academic, corruption and economic crime, terrorism and security law, politics and public policy, terrorism and security


Adam Graycar and Russell G. Smith Corruption has been a feature of human behaviour since the beginning of time. It has been part of the structure of human relationships, and very much bound into the way people live with each other and distribute status and power. While some say that patronage and rent-seeking have lubricated social relationships, there is sufficient evidence to show that it is the poorest who are hurt when this behaviour is institutionalized. It is even more distressing when the behaviour is unpredictable, irregular, and random. International trade has been a feature of human behaviour for millennia. But in recent centuries new transport mechanisms and new technologies have made for economic interdependence. Compounded by digital technologies which move money around the world at the speed of light, and global business moguls who seek advantage opportunistically and capriciously, corruption takes on a new dimension. Political instability has also taken on a cross-national dimension, and it is often fuelled by, and in turn fuels corruption. Corruption has great significance for society and its governance. While the level of corruption varies among countries, the impacts of corruption disproportionally affect the poorest and most vulnerable in any society. When it is pervasive, corruption weakens economic growth and undermines the rule of law for every nation, and invariably deters investment. In rich countries corruption pushes taxes to higher levels than they need to be, and services are of lesser quality than they might be. This book is an edited collection of new,...