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Handbook on Gender and War

Handbook on Gender and War

International Handbooks on Gender series

Edited by Simona Sharoni, Julia Welland, Linda Steiner and Jennifer Pedersen

Gender and war are in many ways inextricably linked, and this path-breaking Handbook systematically examines the major issues surrounding this relationship. Each of its four sections covers a distinct phase of war: gender and opposition to war; gender and the conduct of war; gender and the impact of war; and gender and the aftermath of war. Original contributions from an international group of leading experts make use of a range of historical and contemporary examples to interrogate the multi-faceted connection between gender and war.

Introduction: revisiting the relationship between gender and war: reflections on theory, research, activism and policy

Simona Sharoni and Julia Welland

Subjects: politics and public policy, international politics, terrorism and security


Gender has always been central to the practice and representation of war as well as to efforts to oppose war and rebuild societies in its aftermath. Feminist theorizing about gender and war, however, has only gained visibility and legitimacy in both the academy and among policymakers in the past three decades. The result is an impressive body of interdisciplinary literature that has gone far beyond its original home in disciplines such as International Relations. As the contributions to this Handbook underscore, feminist-informed scholarly debates on gender and war have expanded to include sociologists, anthropologists, historians, economists, geographers, and communication and media scholars, as well as scholars based in interdisciplinary fields like gender and sexuality studies and ethnic studies.