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Handbook of Global Environmental Politics, Second Edition

Handbook of Global Environmental Politics, Second Edition

Elgar original reference

Edited by Peter Dauvergne

The second edition of this Handbook contains more than 30 new and original articles as well as six essential updates by leading scholars of global environmental politics. This landmark book maps the latest theoretical and empirical research in this energetic and growing field. Captured here are the pioneering and lively debates over concerns for the health of the planet and how they might best be addressed.

Chapter 1: Research Trends in Global Environmental Politics

Peter Dauvergne

Subjects: environment, environmental politics and policy, politics and public policy, environmental politics and policy


Peter Dauvergne1 The second edition of the Handbook of Global Environmental Politics brings together more than 40 of the world’s leading scholars of global environmental politics. Much of the foundational literature in this field is only a few decades old. The core debates are therefore still dynamic and energetic, if anything, becoming more so since the publication of the first edition of the handbook in 2005. The intellectual arguments remain dynamic and vigorous, but almost never acrimonious, and scholars of global environmental politics are remarkably tolerant (even of a demanding editor). Perhaps the shared concern for the health of the planet diffuses the desire for petty squabbles within some fields. Or perhaps it feels pointless to feud with others after the daily toil of thinking and teaching about looming doom and catastrophe. Whatever the reason, the collegiality of this field made my task as editor seem, well, not a task at all, but rather an honor and a break from my more normal duties. The book is split into four main parts: states and cooperation (Part II); global governance (Part III); the political economy of governance Part IV); and knowledge and ethics (Part V). This introductory chapter draws on the research in this book to examine the intellectual trends and evolving parameters of the field of global environmental politics. It makes a case for an expansive definition of the field, one that embraces an interdisciplinary literature on the connections between global politics and environmental change with a focus on thematic...