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The International Handbook of Environmental Sociology

The International Handbook of Environmental Sociology

Elgar original reference

Edited by Michael R. Redclift and Graham Woodgate

The International Handbook of Environmental Sociology is a major interdisciplinary reference work on the developing field of environmental sociology. It consists of over 30 specially commissioned essays by leading scholars from around the world. These original essays examine a wide range of environmental issues in the developed and developing world as well as formerly centrally planned countries to present a truly international perspective. Together they analyse theory and concepts, philosophical and empirical issues as well as offering practical policy advice.


Graham Woodgate

Subjects: environment, environmental geography, environmental sociology, social policy and sociology, sociology and sociological theory


Graham Woodgate A PRELIMINARY NOTE ON CONTENT AND OBJECTIVES The International Handbook of Environmental Sociology brings together the work of more than 30 scholars from some 10 countries and a range of sociological traditions. It is still, however, a far from exhaustive coverage of either regionally or epistemologically distinctive contributions to the sub-discipline, partly because of the inevitable limitations of space, but also because environmental sociology is still very much in its infancy. Nevertheless, it does provide the reader with some background on the origins and development of the field, a flavour of the variety of ways in which sociologists engage with the environment and some examples of the analyses that may result from these different approaches. As a result, it demonstrates not only the sociological interest in global environmental issues, but also the global importance of environmental issues in general. Beyond the similarities of format demanded by ‘house style’, no attempt has been made to impose an editorial style on the different contributions. What has always been intended by this project is a collection of works which expresses both the similarities and the differences in the attempts of social scientists to come to terms with the increasing number of environmental issues which exercise the minds of politicians, entrepreneurs and citizens in general at the end of the twentieth century. SOCIOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT As we have noted elsewhere (Redclift and Woodgate, 1993, 1994, 1995), sociology has not embraced ‘the environment’ with ease, an inheritance that derives from its rejection...