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The Elgar Companion to Law and Economics

The Elgar Companion to Law and Economics

Elgar original reference

Edited by Jürgen G. Backhaus

This authoritative and comprehensive reference work introduces the reader to the major concepts and leading contributors in the field of law and economics. The Companion features accessible, informative and provocative entries on all the significant areas and breaks new ground by bringing together widely dispersed but theoretically congruent ideas for the first time.


Jürgen G. Backhaus

Subjects: economics and finance, law and economics, public choice theory, law - academic, law and economics, politics and public policy, public choice


Jurgen G. Backhaus This book, I am told, needs an introduction. I therefore hasten to supply a guide to the reader who may find the volume difficult to read, and who has to be prepared for a journey through the most varied and partly inhospitable terrain, in which the ultimate goal and purpose of every single step can hardly be clear to him at every moment. The purpose of this companion is to provide a reference work for the active researcher in law and economics. In composing this companion, care has been taken to avoid a possible overlap with other works in the field. In particular, this work does not aim at duplicating the ambitious New Palgrave in Law and Econumics, which aims to balance the pointedly formal focus of the New Palgrave by emphasizing institutional economics.2A comprehensive set of articles, mainly in the Chicago tradition of law and economic^,^ allows us to focus on other mainly European aspects of law and economics and the historical sources of law and economics research. This explains the structure of the C~mpanion.~ The Companion falls into two parts, the first of which covers main areas of law and economics, including basic issues as well as different sources of the law, while the second offers twenty-six scholarly biographies of main figures in law and economics. These biographies have been written with a view to allowing further research into neglected areas in the field which have been taken up at some point but are...