Chapter 9: Introduction to heritage and climate change: current gaps and scientific challenges
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This introduction to the section on heritage and climate positions the domain in which these processes interact, and the following three core chapters comprising the section. Climate change is considered one of the most significant global problems for humanity and for heritage; indeed, the manifestation of how people have been adapting to their environment for ages. While heritage as such is a very rich source of relevant knowledge, and while in the future the results of climate change may be considered heritage, this introduction observes that current research mostly focuses on how acknowledged present-day heritage sites are continuously affected by climate change risks, and how to mitigate such processes. After sketching several of these risks and the complex interaction with heritage, it is observed that cultural aspects have not been well integrated into climate change analyses and policies. This is further illustrated by a literature review indicating that both fields are rather isolated, as shown by a search for publications containing both the ‘heritage’ and ‘climate change’ concepts.

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