Chapter 6: Solidarity contestation in the public domain during the ‘refugee crisis’
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Chapter 6 engages with public contention about solidarity. In particular it assesses the extent to which acts of solidarity towards refugees were granted public awareness during the refugee crisis in Europe, and what claims on behalf of or against refugees were made, and by whom. It also examines the discursive construction of European solidarity in terms of its positions and justifications underlying public debate, and how such differences are used in contestations between various allegiances. The chapter also looks more specifically into the fault lines that have opened up across Europe, assessing the extent to which national debates in eight countries (Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Switzerland and the UK) have followed similar patterns of division among governments, political parties and civil society actors. Propositions of, and opposition to, different solidarity projects are taken as ‘claims’ that compete for salience in the public domain as represented by the media.