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Introducing a New Economics and Political Economy

This timely book offers a concise summary of new developmentalism, exploring this in the context of both heterodox economics and political economy. It adopts a historical–structural method that is critical of orthodox or Neoclassical Economics. Luis Carlos Bresser-Pereira delves into the roots of new developmentalism from the quasi-stagnation of middle-income countries, covering how it developed from Marxian economics, post-Keynesian economics and Classical Structuralism.

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In this innovative book, Ilan Kapoor and Gavin Fridell rethink development politics psychoanalytically, investigating its unconscious. Whereas mainstream development politics is organized around stability and rationality, psychoanalysis points to disharmony and irrationality, helping to explain the development subject’s often self-defeating behaviour.

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Manual for Measurement
This manual describes a new methodology to measure a decent but basic standard of living in different countries and how much workers need to earn to afford this, making it possible for researchers to estimate comparable living wages around the world and determine gaps between living wages and prevailing wages, even in countries with limited secondary data.
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Capital flight – the unrecorded export of capital from developing countries – often represents a significant cost for developing countries. It also poses a puzzle for standard economic theory, which would predict that poorer countries be importers of capital due to its scarcity. This situation is often reversed, however, with capital fleeing poorer countries for wealthier, capital-abundant locales. Using a common methodology for a set of case studies on the size, causes and consequences of capital flight in developing countries, the contributors address the extent of capital flight, its effects, and what can be done to reverse it.

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