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Edited by Christina Binder, Manfred Nowak, Jane A. Hofbauer and Philipp Janig

The Elgar Encyclopedia of Human Rights is the most comprehensive reference work in the field of international human rights protection. Comprising over 340 entries, presented alphabetically, and available online and in print, the Encyclopedia addresses the full range of themes associated with the study and practice of human rights in the modern world. The topics range from substantive human rights to the relevant institutions, legal documents, conceptual and procedural issues of international law and a wide variety of thematic entries. The Encyclopedia has a distinct focus on international human rights law but at the same time is enriched by approaches from the broader social, sciences making it a truly unique and multi-disciplinary resource. New entries will be added every month and PDF downloads will be available once the Encyclopedia is complete.
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Edited by Dimitrios Buhalis

The Encyclopedia of Tourism Management and Marketing is, quite simply, the definitive reference work in the field. Carefully curated by leading tourism scholar Dimitrios Buhalis, this is the largest tourism management and marketing ontology that has ever been put together and offers a holistic examination of this interdisciplinary field. New entries will be added every month and PDF downloads will be available once the Encyclopedia is complete.
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Marine Insurance

A Legal History

Rob Merkin

This authoritative work forms a comprehensive examination of the legal and historical context of marine insurance, providing a detailed overview of the events and factors leading to its codification in the Marine Insurance Act 1906. It investigates the development of the legal principles and case law that underpin the Act to reveal how successful this codification truly was, and to demonstrate how these historical precedents remain relevant to marine insurance law to this day.
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Constitutional Crowdsourcing

Democratising Original and Derived Constituent Power in the Network Society

Antoni Abat i Ninet

Conceptualising the new phenomenon of constitutional crowdsourcing, this incisive book examines democratic legitimacy, participation, and decision-making in constitutions and constitutionalism. It analyses how the wider population can be given a voice in constitution-making and in constitutional interpretation and control, thus promoting the exercise of original and derived constituent power.
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Alfred A. Marcus and Mazhar Islam

Alfred A. Marcus and Mazhar Islam examine how demographic changes introduce new challenges for businesses, with a focus on how the world today is divided between disproportionately old and young nations. Taking a broad international perspective, the book illustrates how demography affects underlying conditions in nations, presenting the risks and opportunities for businesses as well as a set of concrete obligations they owe to the nations in which they operate.
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The Governance of Labour Administration

Reforms, Innovations and Challenges

Edited by Jason Heyes and Ludek Rychly

Focusing on public administration activities in the field of national labour policy, this timely book provides detailed analyses of labour administration reforms, innovations and challenges in different countries, including detailed case studies from Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the US.
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Edited by Nigar Hashimzade and Michael A. Thornton

Written in a comprehensive yet accessible style, this Handbook introduces readers to a range of modern empirical methods with applications in microeconomics, illustrating how to use two of the most popular software packages, Stata and R, in microeconometric applications.
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Ejan Mackaay

This second edition of Law and Economics for Civil Law Systems substantially updates a unique work that presents the core ideas of law and economics for audiences primarily familiar with civil law systems.
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Edited by Julieta Haidar and Maarten Keune

This engaging and timely book provides an in-depth analysis of work and labour relations within global platform capitalism with a specific focus on digital platforms that organise labour processes, known as labour platforms. Well-respected contributors thoroughly examine both online and offline platforms, their distinct differences and the important roles they play for both large transnational companies and those with a smaller global reach.
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Stéphane Rousseau, Ejan Mackaay, Pierre Larouche and Alain Parent

Business Law and Economics for Civil Law Systems highlights the relevance of economic analysis of business law from a civilian perspective. It integrates a comparative approach (common law and civil law) to economic analysis using tools and illustrations to assist in conducting critical economic analysis of rules in the field of business law. This book is a valuable contribution to the reflection on the place and meaning of value creation and accountability as goals for business law. It will be of great value to academics interested in business law, competition law, comparative law and legal theory, students studying law, business and economics, and to policy makers and regulators.