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City Preparedness for the Climate Crisis

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Edited by Francisco J. Carrillo and Cathy Garner

Exploring the ways that contemporary urban life takes the Holocene for granted, this multidisciplinary book warns that anthropogenic environmental impacts are on course to challenge the viability of most human settlements. It highlights how, despite increased warnings, most cities appear to be in denial of the potential impending catastrophes and remain ill-prepared to handle major disruptions.
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Edited by Eszter Hargittai

This cutting-edge Handbook offers fresh perspectives on the key topics related to the unequal use of digital technologies. Considering the ways in which technologies are employed, variations in conditions under which people use digital media and differences in their digital skills, it unpacks the implications of digital inequality on life outcomes.
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Edited by Stephen P. Marks and Balakrishnan Rajagopal

This collection addresses human rights and development for researchers, policymakers and activists at a time of major challenges. ‘Critical issues’ in the title signifies both the urgency of the issues and the need for critical rethinking. After exploring the overarching issues of development and economic theory, gender, climate change and disability, the book focuses on issues of technology and trade, education and information, water and sanitation, and work, health, housing and food.
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Knowledge For The Anthropocene

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Edited by Francisco J. Carrillo and Günter Koch

With human-induced environmental impacts disrupting human life in deeper ways and at a wider scale than anything previously experienced, this multidisciplinary book looks at the ways that current knowledge bases seem inadequate to help us deal with such realities. It offers a critical appraisal of the current knowledge infrastructure, including science, technology, innovation, education and informal knowledge systems.
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Edited by Habib Zafarullah and Ahmed S. Huque

This authoritative Handbook provides a thorough exploration of development policy from both scholarly and practical perspectives and offers insights into the policy process dynamics and a range of specific policy issues, including corruption and network governance.
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Edited by Srinivas R. Melkote and Arvind Singhal

This incisive Handbook critically examines the role and place of media and communication in development and social change, reflecting a vision for change anchored in values of social justice. Outlining the genealogy and history of the field, it then investigates the possible new directions and objectives in the area. Key conclusions include an enhanced role for development communication in participatory development, active agency of stakeholders of development programs, and the operationalization of social justice in development.
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Edited by Esther Schüring and Markus Loewe

This exciting and innovative Handbook provides readers with a comprehensive and globally relevant overview of the instruments, actors and design features of social protection systems, as well as their application and impacts in practice. It is the first book that centres around system building globally, a theme that has gained political importance yet has received relatively little attention in academia.
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Global Production Networks and Rural Development

Southeast Asia as a Fruit Supplier to China

Edited by Bill Pritchard

Bill Pritchard provides an important update on how current trade methodologies are implemented as China becomes one of the world’s largest fresh fruit importers from countries such as Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.
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Edited by Jan Fransen, Meine P. van Dijk and Jurian Edelenbos

Exploring how urban professionals plan, manage and govern cities in emerging economies, this insightful book studies the actions and instruments they employ. It highlights how the paradigms of interventions and approaches to urban management are shifting, indicating that urban governance is becoming increasingly important in dealing with wicked issues, like climate change and social and economic inequalities in cities.
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Edited by Annelies Zoomers, Maggi Leung, Kei Otsuki and Guus Van Westen

This timely Handbook demonstrates that global linkages, flows and circulations merit a more central place in theorization about development. Calling for a mobilities turn, it challenges the sedentarist assumptions which still underlie much policy making and planning for the future.