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Defining Disaster

Disciplines and Domains

Edited by Marie Aronsson-Storrier and Rasmus Dahlberg

This timely book unpacks the idea of ‘disaster’ from a variety of approaches, broadening understanding and improving the usability of this complex and often contested concept. Including multidisciplinary perspectives from leading and emerging scholars, it offers reflections on how the concept of disaster has been shaped by and within various fields of research, providing complementary and thought-provoking comparisons across many domains.
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Edited by Russell King and Katie Kuschminder

This authoritative Handbook provides an interdisciplinary appraisal of the field of return migration, advancing concepts and theories and setting an agenda for new debates.
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Edited by Brenda S.A. Yeoh and Francis L. Collins

Providing a critical overview of transnationalism as a concept, this Handbook looks at its growing influence in an era of high-speed, globalised interconnectivity. It offers crucial insights on how approaches to transnationalism have altered how we think about social life from the family to the nation-state, whilst also challenging the predominance of methodologically nationalist analyses.
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Edited by Markus M.L. Crepaz

Bringing together prominent scholars in the field, this Handbook provides an interdisciplinary exploration of the complex interrelationship between migration and welfare. Chapters further examine the effects of emigration on sending societies exploring issues such as the impact of remittances, diasporas, and skill deterioration as a result of human capital flight on capacity building and on economic and political development more generally.
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The Politicisation of Social Europe

Conflict Dynamics and Welfare Integration

Francesco Corti

While for some scholars the Euro crisis dashed the dream of Social Europe, this thought-provoking book proposes a more nuanced assessment, challenging the notion of austerity as the only way forward. Tracing the evolution of the political debate on European social integration and its interplay with the European economic governance after the Euro crisis, it sheds light on the conflict dynamics and political conditions that enabled the progressive shift away from the initial post-crisis EU ‘conservative reflex’, towards a new European holding environment for flourishing welfare states.
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The Violence of Conservation in Africa

State, Militarization and Alternatives

Edited by Maano Ramutsindela, Frank Matose and Tafadzwa Mushonga

Offering insights on violence in conservation, this timely book demonstrates how and why the state in Africa pursues conservation objectives to the detriment of its citizens. It focuses on how the dehumanization of black people and indigenous groups, the insertion of global green agendas onto the continent, a lack of resource sovereignty, and neoliberal conservation account for why violence is a permanent feature of conservation in Africa.
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Edited by Pauli Kettunen, Saara Pellander and Miika Tervonen

This multidisciplinary book unpacks and outlines the contested roles of nationalism and democracy in the formation and transformation of welfare-state institutions and ideologies. At a time when neo-liberal, post-national and nationalist visions alike have challenged democratic welfare nationalism, the book offers a transnational historical perspective to the political dynamics of current changes. While particularly focusing on Nordic countries, often seen as the quintessential ‘models’ of the welfare state, the book collectively sheds light on the ‘history of the present’ of nation states bearing the character of a welfare state.
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Research Handbook on Work–Life Balance

Emerging Issues and Methodological Challenges

Edited by Sonia Bertolini and Barbara Poggio

This innovative and thought-provoking Research Handbook explores the theoretical debate surrounding work–life balance, and provides a reflection on the opportunity to adopt multilevel research approaches and perspectives, along gender and temporal axes. The Research Handbook is an international overview of current research on work-life balance, considered in macro, meso and micro perspectives.
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The New World of Work

Challenges and Opportunities for Social Partners and Labour Institutions

Edited by Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead, Youcef Ghellab and Rafael M. de Bustillo Llorente

Actors in the world of work are facing an increasing number of challenges, including automatization and digitalization, new types of jobs and more diverse forms of employment. This timely book examines employer and worker responses, challenges and opportunities for social dialogue, and the role of social partners in the governance of the world of work.
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Conservatives, Liberals and Socialists

David Reisman

This insightful book sheds light on three competing ideological windows on the world: conservatism, liberalism and socialism. David Reisman explores the importance of these perspectives not only to generating public policy, but also in our capacity to explain the very nature of reality.