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Edited by Zachary P. Neal and Céline Rozenblat

This Handbook of Cities and Networks provides a cutting-edge overview of research on how economic, social and transportation networks affect processes both in and between cities. Exploring the ways in which cities connect and intertwine, it offers a varied set of collaborations, highlighting different theoretical, historical and methodological perspectives.
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Defining Public Goods

An Institutional Approach to Community-Building and Negotiating Inter-Community Conflict

David J. O’Brien

Through the lens of an economist’s notion of public goods, David J. O’Brien analyzes the dual problems of declining communities and polarizing conflicts between metropolitan and rural communities. The author describes in detail how seemingly intractable community-level problems and inter-community conflicts have been substantially reduced by framing them in terms of the self-interest of a larger polity. O’Brien’s extensive community-level research experience in urban and rural communities that covers multiple historical periods, will appeal to inter-disciplinary social scientists, development specialists and persons looking for a hopeful, practical approach to solving the challenges of globalization.
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Investigation Reports

Convenience Themes and Review Maturity

Petter Gottschalk

This insightful and provocative book presents two frameworks to structure findings in, and to assess the maturity of, a fraud investigation. Emerging from convenience theory, the book considers professional investigations to illustrate possible lessons that can be drawn out of fraud examinations.
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Edited by Ananish Chaudhuri

Written by well-established researchers in behavioural economics, this Research Agenda illustrates the application of incentivised decision-making experiments, highlighting how this can add a new and novel dimension to social science research. Informative and timely, it explores how experiments are being used by pioneers in a diverse range of fields when research questions may not be amenable to field studies, vignettes or surveys.
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Mauro Gallegati

This research review identifies fundamental essays on the theory of complexity and its application in economics. The concept of complexity is linked to that of non-linearity, or rather of heterogeneity and interaction between agents. If a system is non-linear it cannot be broken down. When there is interaction, the total is not the sum of single causes, but rather the emergence of new facts. New properties appear that are not already present in the single elements. If the economic system is complex, mainstream economics is in a cul-de-sac where the macroeconomics is different from the microeconomics. The uncertain future and the agent-based models are the main tools for applying the theory of complexity.
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Martin Obschonka, Michael Fritsch and Michael Stuetzer

Psychological characteristics are significant for various stages of the entrepreneurial process on both individual and group levels. Looking into the ‘psychological context’ in entrepreneurship, Martin Obschonka reviews and defines the field, exploring the role of regional and country-level entrepreneurial personality and new trends in the geography of entrepreneurial psychology influenced by technological advances.
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Edited by Harvey S. James, Jr.

This timely Handbook synthesizes and analyzes key issues and concerns relating to the impact of agriculture on both farmers and non-farmers. With a unique focus on humans rather than animals or the environment, the book is interdisciplinary and international in scope, with contributions from sociologists, economists, anthropologists and geographers providing case studies and examples from all six populated continents.
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Jin Sheng

This insightful book examines the impact of two competing visions of Asian-Pacific economic growth paths and development governance. It discusses law, development and finance in the context of the Indo-Pacific Strategy versus the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), whilst also comparing parallel development financing systems.
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Edited by Andrew Stewart, Rosemary Owens, Niall O'Higgins and Anne Hewitt

This groundbreaking book examines the growing phenomenon of internships and the policy issues they raise, during a time when internships or traineeships have become an important way of transitioning from education into paid work.
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Justice and Democracy

A Progressive Agenda for the Twenty-First Century

Mike Berry

This visionary book seeks to uncover the main barriers to achieving greater social justice in existing twenty-first century capitalism. Developing a comprehensive consequentialist theory of justice applied to today’s global situation, Mike Berry adopts the thesis that, in order to move towards a more just world, the weaknesses of liberal democracy must be overcome through reconstructing robust, resilient social democracies.