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Edited by Christopher Jones and Lisa Weinert

This book is a Claeys and Casteels title, now formally part of Edward Elgar Publishing. With extensive updating in the decade since the publication of the second edition, and written by the key Commission and European Court officials in this area, as well as leading practitioners, the third edition of this unique title provides meticulous and exhaustive coverage of EU Merger Law.
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Edited by Gabriella Gimigliano and Marta Božina Beroš

This comprehensive and essential Commentary examines both the origins and effect of the EU’s 2015 Payment Services Directive (PSD2). Addressing a significant gap in the available literature, the book is divided into two parts: Part I analyses the legislative provisions of the Directive, while Part II explores the PSD2 implementation experience in selected EU Member States as well as in the United Kingdom.
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Posthuman Legalities

New Materialism and Law Beyond the Human

Edited by Anna Grear, Emille Boulot, Iván D. Vargas-Roncancio and Joshua Sterlin

How might law address the multiple crises of meaning intrinsic to global crises of climate, poverty, mass displacements, ecological breakdown, species extinctions and technological developments that increasingly complicate the very notion of 'life' itself? How can law embrace — in other words —the 'posthuman' condition — a condition in which non-human forces such as climate change and Covid-19 signal the impossibility of clinging to the existing imaginaries of Western legal systems and international law? This carefully curated book addresses these and related questions, bringing 'law beyond the human' (drawing on Indigenous legalities, life ways and ontologies) and New Materialist and Posthuman/ist approaches into stimulating proximity to each other.
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Edited by Nicholas Tsagourias and Russell Buchan

This revised and expanded edition of the Research Handbook on International Law and Cyberspace brings together leading scholars and practitioners to examine how international legal rules, concepts and principles apply to cyberspace and the activities occurring within it. In doing so, contributors highlight the difficulties in applying international law to cyberspace, assess the regulatory efficacy of these rules and, where necessary, suggest adjustments and revisions.
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Edited by Paul O’Connell and Umut Özsu

This Research Handbook offers unparalleled insights into the large-scale resurgence of interest in Marx and Marxism in recent years, with contributions devoted specifically to Marxist critiques of law, rights, and the state.
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Climate Change Law

An Introduction

Karl S. Coplan, Shelby D. Green, Katrina Fischer Kuh, Smita Narula, Karl R. Rábago and Radina Valova

This timely and incisive book combines an introduction to the core legal and policy issues presented by climate change with a deeper analysis of decisions that will define the path forward. Offering a guide to key terms, concepts, and legal principles in the field, this book will help readers develop a sophisticated perspective on issues central to climate change law and policy.
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Economic Analysis in EU Competition Policy

Recent Trends at the National and EU Level

Edited by Pier L. Parcu, Giorgio Monti and Marco Botta

This insightful book assesses emerging trends in the role of economic analysis in EU competition policy, exploring how it has substantially increased in terms of both theories and methods.
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Law and Regulation

Edited by Jelena Madir

This fully updated and revised second edition provides a practical examination of the opportunities and challenges presented by the rapid development of FinTech in recent years, particularly for regulators, who must decide how to apply current law to ever-changing concepts driven by continually advancing technologies. It addresses new legislative guidance on the treatment of cryptoassets and smart contracts, the European Commission’s Digital Finance Strategy and FinTech Action Plan, as well as analysing significant recent cases.
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Peter Coe

This timely book explores how the internet and social media have permanently altered the media landscape, enabling new actors to enter the marketplace, and changing the way that news is generated, published and consumed. It examines the importance of citizen journalists, whose newsgathering and publication activities have made them crucial to public discourse and central actors in the communication revolution. Investigating how the internet and social media have enabled citizen journalism to flourish, and what this means for the traditional institutional press, the public sphere, and media freedom, the book demonstrates how communication and legal theory are applied in practice.
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The Regulation of Tax Competition

Rethinking "Harmful" Tax Competition in a Global Context

Chidozie G. Chukwudumogu

This comprehensive book adopts a nuanced yet straightforward approach to analysing the complex phenomenon of international tax competition. Using the ongoing international efforts of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Union (EU) as a basis for its analysis, it explores the mixed effects of tax competition and offers an effective approach that takes account of the asymmetrical global context.