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The Ethical Issues

Edited by Seumas Miller, Adam Henschke and Jonas Feltes Feltes

This insightful book provides an analysis of the central ethical issues that have arisen in combatting global terrorism and, in particular, jihadist terrorist groups, notably Al Qaeda, Islamic State and their affiliates. Chapters explore the theoretical problems that arise in relation to terrorism, such as the definition of terrorism and the concept of collective responsibility, and consider specific ethical issues in counter-terrorism.
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Critical Perspectives on Think Tanks

Power, Politics and Knowledge

Edited by Julien Landry

This innovative book explores think tanks from the perspective of critical policy studies, showcasing how knowledge, power and politics intersect with the ways in which think tanks intervene in public policy.
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Demopathy and the Democratic Malaise

Symptoms, Diagnosis and Therapy

Luigi Di Gregorio

This unique book presents original concepts to characterize the current crisis of democracy. Offering a comparative study of original electoral data and analysis of contemporary trends, models and theoretical frameworks, Luigi Di Gregorio argues that democracy is affected by ‘demopathy’; it is sick and is in need of therapy.
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The Ukraine Crisis and EU Foreign Policy Roles

Images of the EU in the Context of EU–Ukraine Relations

Natalia Chaban and Ole Elgström

This book examines how, within foreign policy, perceptions are a reflection of an actor’s conception of status, credibility and legitimacy, within the context of EU–Ukraine relations and the Ukraine crisis.
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Barney Warf

Invigorating and timely, this book provides a thorough overview of the geographies of cosmopolitanism, an ethical and political philosophy that views humanity as one community. Barney Warf charts the origins and developments of this line of thought, exploring how it has changed over time, acquiring many variations along the way.
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Populism and Corruption

The Other Side of the Coin

Edited by Jonathan Mendilow and Éric Phélippeau

This timely book offers an in-depth analysis of the intersection between populism and corruption, addressing phenomena that have been, so far, largely treated separately. Bringing together two dynamic and well-established fields of study, it proposes a theoretical framework for the study of populism and corruption in order to update our understanding of specific forms of each in a variety of socio-political settings.
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Justice and Democracy

A Progressive Agenda for the Twenty-First Century

Mike Berry

This visionary book seeks to uncover the main barriers to achieving greater social justice in existing twenty-first century capitalism. Developing a comprehensive consequentialist theory of justice applied to today’s global situation, Mike Berry adopts the thesis that, in order to move towards a more just world, the weaknesses of liberal democracy must be overcome through reconstructing robust, resilient social democracies.
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Edited by Jeffrey L. Bernstein

Teaching Research Methods in Political Science brings together experienced instructors to offer a range of perspectives on how to teach courses in political science. It focuses on numerous topics, including identifying good research questions, measuring key concepts, writing literature reviews and developing information literacy skills.
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Edited by Bent Greve

This innovative Handbook presents the core concepts associated with austerity, retrenchment and populism and explores how they can be used to analyse developments in different welfare states and in specific social policies. Leading experts highlight how these concepts have influenced and changed welfare states around the globe and impacted specific areas including pensions, long-term care, the labour market, taxation, social activism and gender equality.
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The Digital Citizen(ship)

Politics and Democracy in the Networked Society

Luigi Ceccarini

This cutting-edge book explores the diverse and contested meanings of ‘citizenship’ in the 21st century, as representative democracy faces a mounting crisis in the wake of the digital age. Luigi Ceccarini enriches and updates the common notion of citizenship, answering the question of how it is possible to fully live as a citizen in a post-modern political community.