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Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore

All researchers know that there can be difficulties in gaining access to research participants. So why haven’t this group of intelligent people come up with better ways to solve this problem? I thought I had – my incentives would solve this problem – until one examiner at my viva asked about the incentives.

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Dawn C. Duke

Writing is hard for everyone from time to time. This chapter describes the real stories of newer researchers who have overcome their own writing blocks, providing tips and techniques to inspire researchers who are struggling to write.

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Angelique Gatsinzi

Using social media is increasingly becoming popular in academia. It is a great way to connect with the global academic network and share your journey as a researcher. In this chapter, you will find tips on how to take advantage of social media tools to enhance your researcher profile online.

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Amanda Lee

This chapter reflects upon the author’s personal experiences of dealing with supervisor feedback as she progressed through her doctoral studies. Feelings of inadequacy are addressed and advice is given on how to deal with this and move forward. Finally, practical hints and tips for dealing with supervisor feedback are provided.

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Keith Townsend

This vignette tells of a qualitative data collection process with a recalcitrant participant. How long do you try to build report before you finally say ‘that’s enough’? For this author, it was eleven minutes.

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Keith Townsend and Mark N.K. Saunders

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Colin Hughes

Gaining access to respondents can be a significant challenge and a source of frustration for many researchers. When seeking access, researchers often waste time speaking to non-decision makers and fail to sell the value of their research. This short vignette highlights the importance of sales skills for researchers.

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Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Julia Carins and Christiane Stock

Most research projects require a plan which establishes expectations for colleagues working in the project to ensure that reports on milestones and deliverables are clearly communicated to all research stakeholders. So what happens when plans fail? We all know that the very best plans can and do fail, and this chapter shares some of our stories of failure but rolling with the punches to keep moving forward.

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Hugh T.J. Bainbridge

Take a breath. This vignette describes the painful process of forgetting to take a breath before sending an email to colleagues but hitting the ‘reply all’ button. Hence, the conference organiser now knows my views. Take a breath. Don’t reply immediately.

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Wojciech Marek Kwiatkowski

On a research project concerned with depth of understanding rather than theory-building, I sought to collect all data from a single organisation. This vignette tells the story of access granted, access ignored, access declined, before access finally begins.