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Paradigms and Pedagogy
Teaching Environmental and Natural Resource Economics is a significant contribution to the literature of economics education. Theory and practice, teaching activities and exercises, and pro teaching tips are clearly and expertly presented. This guide will prove invaluable in helping students gain a better understanding of the theory and practice of environmental and natural resource economics.
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Monograph Book
Simple Rules for Sustainability
Since Garrett Hardin published The Tragedy of the Commons in 1968, critics have argued that population growth and capitalism contribute to overuse of natural resources and degradation of the global environment. They propose coercive, state-centric solutions. This book offers an alternative view. Employing insights from new institutional economics, the authors argue that property rights, competitive markets, polycentric political institutions, and social institutions such as trust, patience and individualism enable society to conserve natural resources and mitigate harms to the global environment.
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Monograph Book
This incisive Research Handbook examines the relationship between energy and society, across both macro- and micro-scales, in the context of the climate crisis. Featuring an extensive examination of current research in the field from fifty expert international contributors, it offers important insights into the inter-connections between the globally organised fossil fuel energy system and the changing structures of society.
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The transition to a circular economy requires innovation at all levels of society. This insightful Research Handbook is the first comprehensive edited work examining how innovation can contribute to a more circular economy.
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