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Søren Harnow Klausen

The chapter provides a conceptual analysis of the general notion of innovation, informed by empirical results and with an eye to practical applications. Innovation is distinguished from creativity on the one hand and entrepreneurship on the other, but defined broadly enough to comprise much more than technological inventiveness (for example social innovation). The popular two-step model of innovation processes is criticized and instead an integrated model is proposed as a superior alternative. The notions of macro- and micro-innovation are supplemented by a notion of still subtler, process-immanent improvements. Finally, the close relationship between innovation and learning is examined.

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Durdana Ozretic-Dosen, Vatroslav Skare and Zoran Krupka

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Edited by Marin A. Marinov

Recently, emerging economies have contributed significantly to the world economic growth and output. This Research Handbook attempts to fill in the gap of sparse publications on marketing in emerging economies. It addresses diverse issues from a universal as well as regional and country-specific perspective, shedding light on general topics such as data collection procedure equivalence and marketing accountability, and also exploring various contexts like Central & Eastern Europe and India. Comparing the ways in which marketing is performed in emerging and advanced economies, the chapters explore various aspects including business-to-business marketing relationships, the role of multi-cultural markets in marketing and retail marketing of multinational corporations, corporate social responsibility and consumer loyalty.
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Edited by Eric Shiu

This groundbreaking Handbook is a collection of the most recent research in innovation and creativity as it applies to marketing management. It uniquely combines the work of innovation and creativity scholars in the same book.
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Eric Shiu

Traditionally functionality and aesthetics are two main aspects that product designers use to design innovate a product. With the increasing emphasis on environmental sustainability, in recent years sustainability has gradually become another important aspect that product designers also consider in the product design innovation process. This study focuses on scrutinizing the trade-offs of functionality, aesthetics and sustainability from the consumer perspective. Results of consumer experiments demonstrate that these trade-offs are more complex than originally thought. The self-identity theory has been used to help explain these trade-offs.

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Dan A. Petrovici, Svetla T. Marinova and Marin A. Marinov

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Farida Rasulzada

One main reason why Homo sapiens rule the world is because they are being more creative than other tribes. By the same token, organizations that are more creative can survive longer and better than their less creative counterparts. In this study, the author provides her insights into the meaning of creativity, the myths of creativity, and the recipe for creativity.