Chapter 7: The utopian ideals of the political order of the European Union: Is a European republic possible?
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Immanuel Kant used cosmopolitan language. Is the Kantian idea of Europe as a federation of independent states a prototype for the world? Nowadays we are more aware of the history of colonialism and the dangers of uniformity. It is possible to present criteria against which the federal idea of Kant might be amended, paying attention to the dangers of imperial elements and showing more respect for dialogue and recognition of cultural diversity. If we take into account the German background of the Reformation, the Kantian idea can be seen as a way to save the treasures of German inspiration against the French enlightenment. The Kantian idea of Europe should not be interpreted as a regulative idea, but as a message of hope and peace for a federal Europe with room for local customs that do not conflict with the principles of justice like human rights.