Chapter 15: The posthuman: Around the vanishing point of utopia
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The anthropological crisis in the Western humanities leads to the rise of many idealised visions of a posthuman world, looking to transcend or abandon the notion of 'human'. The chapter's aim is to verify if any of the propositions of 'posthuman' utopia allow for retaining hope for humanity. The first part of the chapter looks at the utopian proposition of transhumanists, roughly corresponding to evantropia (a biotechnological utopia). The second part considers the possibility of a non-human utopia, which would most properly be called posthuman. The third part addresses the challenge of an after-human utopia, which can be considered radical environmentalist utopia or even anti-humanist utopia. The conclusions gather the insights from the three parts of reflection with reference to the will and the failure to imagine, the importance of hope, and the necessity of utopia as such.