Chapter 1: Scientific mapping of artificial intelligence as an emerging field of knowledge
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Artificial intelligence has emerged as a field of knowledge that has swept away or displaced constellations of technologies, and its disruption is generating turbulence in terms of radical changes at all levels of human life. For that reason, the purpose of this study is to scientifically map this topic and its ramifications, in order to analyse its growth. The study was developed under the bibliometric approach and the period 2010-2019 was considered. The steps taken were: i) keyword terms were identified and selected in three methodological layers by a panel of experts; ii) an algorithm was designed and applied to identify these selected keywords in the titles, abstracts and keywords using terms in the Web of Science (WoS) of Clarivate Analytics to contrast them. Knowing the sustained growth of a field of knowledge such as artificial intelligence from bibliometrics and establishing the ramifications it is generating is a relevant finding.