Introduction to the Handbook of Democratic Innovation and Governance: the field of democratic innovation
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We live at a time when democracy is widely loved in principle but broadly criticised in practice. Democracies are currently undergoing a period of both challenge and renewal. Democratic innovations are proliferating across all areas of governance, from politics to policy and public administration. These new processes of public participation are reimagining the relationship between citizens and institutions. This Handbook advances understanding of democratic innovations, in theory and practice, by critically reviewing their importance throughout the world. The Handbook covers different types of democratic innovations; their potential to address current problems with democracy; their use in different areas of policy and governance; the various actors involved; their application in different parts of the world; their impact on citizenship and political equality; and the methods used to research them. The Handbook therefore offers a definitive overview of existing research on democratic innovations, while also setting the agenda for future research and practice.