Chapter 1: Weaving reflection, action, and knowledge creation: lived experience as a catalyst into the cycle of praxis for community development
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Community Development scholars have called for a more robust engagement of the interplay of values, practices, and knowledge creation (see e.g. Hustedde, 1998; Bergdall, 2003; Peterson and Knopf, 2016; Talmage et al., 2017; Westoby, 2016). The Cycle of Praxis for Community Development is a framework for facilitating catalytic reflection, action, and knowledge creation where critical consciousness and asset-based action are rhythms for empowerment. It is centered by the expression of felt needs and follows the interplay of four areas of focus: Experience; Learning and Reflection; Synthesis and Planning; and Implementation and Review. The purpose of the Cycle of Praxis is to accompany collaborators for learning and action while protecting the dignity of all who may be affected by the work being done. In the tradition of praxis-based approaches, it emphasizes personal experience as the basis for reflection (Freire, 1970/2012; Ledwith, 2011; Pstross et al., 2017).