Chapter 1: Introduction to the Research Handbook on Work-Life Balance
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Two years ago, when we received the proposal to engage in an editorial project for a handbook on work-life balance research, we were hesitant to accept, aware of the increasingly contested and problematic nature of the very construct of 'work-life balance'. However, we eventually decided to accept the invitation, with the idea of collating not so much an exhaustive compendium of the research works focused on the relationship between work and other dimensions of the biographical experience of individuals, but rather a text offering both theoretical reflections and empirical research examples illustrating the multiple strategies through which the different articulations that characterize this intersection can be analyzed. Our aim was to devise a text not only able to account for the richness of lenses and perspectives, together with their translation and actualization into specific research practices and methodological choices, but that would also shed light on its potentialities yet to be thoroughly explored.