Chapter 10: Interrogating corporate philanthropy in education: the case of Nigeria
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The public sector in developing countries, including Nigeria, face several challenges which include insufficient resources for funding education. Arguably, both the state and the private sector have roles in the development of any nation-state and the benefits of education serve both public and private interests. An avenue for private sector engagement in education is corporate philanthropy, often undertaken as corporate social responsibilities (CSR). Corporate philanthropy is considered an innovative resource for financing global education. This study reveals that the major form of CSR contribution to education by Nigerian companies is financial resources, often through infrastructural development of learning environments. It was also deduced that motivations influencing CSR initiatives ranged from altruism to strategic philanthropy. The findings suggest that, with increasing participation of the corporate sector in education, further studies may need to address the contributions by local companies and how these contributions may be influencing quality and equity in education.