Chapter 4: Understanding mobility biographies: conceptual and empirical advancements and practical innovation
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Mobility biographies research offers novel conceptual and empirical insights into travel and mobility behaviour change, which is increasingly recognised. Following its emergence as a distinct field of inquiry in the early 2000s and a first wave of empirical studies that have sought to quantify the impact of incisive life events on travel behaviour, there is evidence of a 'second wave' of work that offers complementary theoretical and empirical approaches, including a focus on changing mobility practices across the life course that considers both (infra)structural and social elements of daily travel. Importantly, this second wave harbors significant potential for the development of innovative practical solutions and change initiatives in the transport sector. This chapter presents and discusses these innovations, focusing on novel theoretical ideas and conceptual frameworks, new methodological tools, and groundbreaking results from empirical studies that pave the way for future innovations in research, policy and practice.