Chapter 26: Mapping mixed methods in business and management and charting the future course
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The application of mixed methods research (MMR) across business and management fields has grown rapidly since 2000. We map this evolution by examining three key indicators: (1) the publication of books on MMR, (2) MMR academic associations, and (3) MMR journals. This is followed by an overview of MMR prevalence studies across business and management disciplines from 2006 to 2023. We then highlight some innovations, expanded notions and approaches that are advancing the MMR field before discussing the pervading issues that continue to challenge business and managements scholars. Finally, we chart the future course for MMR across the high seas where navigating quality, ethical minefields and the pursuit of innovation across an increasingly complex world pervade. Practical lessons are discussed to advance MMR across the business and management scholarly community and for developments in MMR quality criteria and ethical considerations in MMR in the era of big data and artificial intelligence.