Chapter 11: Envisioning the oikoumene: interfaith networks of social activism between Europe and Latin America
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This chapter studies forms of ecumenical and interfaith networks involving Latin American and British organisations (among others), highlighting how their initiatives and interaction generate or participate in efforts to enhance global cooperation. Two questions are addressed in that respect: how can one think of cooperation within situations in which conflict and disagreement thrive and uncertainty regarding the future looms large? What resources can be found within religious traditions that point towards a cooperative future without a pre-established blueprint? They are discussed based on the exploration of cases drawn from comparative research on transnational ecumenical social activism. Cooperation is explored based on ecumenical ideals of communion and collaboration among Christian churches, which has developed over time to incorporate an interfaith dimension and a glocal and cosmopolitan outlook Рexpanding the ancient Greco-Roman notion of the oikoumene.