Chapter 7: Digitisation in the Italian construction sector: the constructive process beyond the productive perimeter
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This chapter is based on the findings of three case studies on digitization in construction sector in Italya. We use collected data to answer more general questions on construction sector future in terms of production processes and innovation construction impacts beyond the sites boundaries. In the first part we present a short literature review on implications of digital innovation focusing the delay of the Italian construction sector; secondly, we address our attention to digital innovations in terms of a new balance between product and service outputs. In this case we largely refer to the studies on servitization dynamic in construction sector with the aim to identify the ideal growth and innovation paths. In the second part we discuss our findings at the light of reflections emerged in the first one. Which are the digital innovation implications in terms of business models? Which are the obstacles on main growth paths? Lastly, we try to generalize our findings focusing the implication of a smarter construction sector beyond its economic boundaries.

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