Chapter 8: Digitisation of construction in Spain: changes in value chains, work organisation and working conditions
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This chapter analyses the role of social dialogue and labour relations in driving digital transformations in the construction sector in Spain. First, it addresses public policies focused on innovation in the sector, with a special focus on initiatives that promote digital change. Next, it analyses the main trends in the sector on the economy and employment, on innovations and digitalisation, analysing the impact on value change, the labour market and working conditions, as well as initiatives on training and qualification needs. The paper's analysis focuses on the role of social dialogue and industrial relations in supporting digital change and innovations. Finally, it details the drivers and barriers of digital change in the sector. This work shows that the digitalisation of the construction sector in Spain is still incipient, with embryonic development in many areas. Despite this, it can be noticed that relevant transformations are taking place throughout the value chain, with current (and future) impacts on the productive and labour organisation in the sector.

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