Chapter 5: Negotiating internal and external boundaries of nursing homes during Covid-19: a case study from Norway
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In this chapter we explore long-term care during the Covid-19 pandemic through the optics of “boundaries,” that is, the physical and imagined barriers inside and outside nursing homes. Our point of departure is the importance of boundaries to residents, families, and staff, recognizing that the boundaries within homes have been particularly significant during the pandemic. In the chapter, we ask how boundaries inside nursing homes and between the institutions and outside communities were maintained during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as how these boundaries changed throughout. Finally, we explore how the continual “boundary-work” staff members undertook during the first part of the pandemic affected residents, staff, volunteers and family members. Our aim is not only to understand preparedness and practices for the Covid-19 and future pandemic(s), but also to understand the more general function, relevance, and significance of nursing homes in present-day society.