Chapter 12: Contextualizing Nussbaumer via Nussbaum: unveiling a multi-disciplinary, human capabilities-centred approach to energy poverty from Mexico
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Action against energy poverty is at a nascent stage within Mexico, with no national strategy, and a limited scientific evidence base. However, Mexico is at a pivotal moment for instituting new energy poverty governance, with increased policy attention from both regional and national policy institutions, and the recent launch of a monitoring observatory (Observatorio de Pobreza Energética en México). Within this chapter, we chart early academic and policy discussions on the topic of energy poverty, ranging from the partial application of British metrics through to more recent applications of the Multidimensional Energy Poverty Index. From there, we present a new Capabilities-driven Energy Satisfactors Index (CESI), underpinned by the capabilities approach and participatory workshops with Mexican communities. Overall, we argue for the need to move beyond simplistic metrics that flatten diversity in lived experience and cultural specificity, and the importance of multidisciplinary collaborations that bring together physical and social scientists.