Chapter 11: New philanthropy and global policy networks in education: the case of Argentina
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In the last four decades, global policy networks and forms of privatisation such as new philanthropy have emerged as renewed forms of policy-making and delivery. In spite of neoliberal reforms during the 1990s, Argentina’s educational system has remained resistant to pro-market policies. However, recent political shifts might be generating the basis for the introduction of neoliberal logics and values. This chapter analyses how new philanthropy landed in this context by studying how the Varkey Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation established in the United Kingdom, began delivering a state-funded training programme in 2016 in Argentina. We combine a case-study methodology with network ethnography to understand how new philanthropy and global networks influence local education policy. Findings identify nodal actors as well as practices to ‘land’ these activities in an unexplored territory. Conclusions reflect on the possibility of considering this programme as a burgeoning case of ‘new philanthropy’ penetration in countries without pro-market reforms.