Chapter 11: Social partners and the world of work in Poland: Between East and West
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The chapter focuses on conditions of the social dialogue in Poland. Poland has low trade union density and a low membership rate among employers’ organizations, and as a result a very low level of collective bargaining compared with other European countries. These facts affect the level and quality of social dialogue in Poland. The interviewed social partners have different emphases in relation to the problems besetting the Polish labour market (high rate of temporary employment, high proportion of civil-law contracts, labour market shortages). Employers’ organizations are particularly interested in recruiting more employees to maintain productivity and development. Whereas the trade unions point out that migrant workers often work under worse working conditions than local ones. This is partly due to the dishonesty of the intermediaries (work agencies) who organize the work in Poland, but partly because of their ignorance of Polish law, and sometimes because of the dishonesty of employers.

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