Chapter 15: National urban policies in Europe: does the EU make the difference?
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This chapter aims to provide a critical exploration of whether or not there is a common understanding of urban policy within the EU Member States, and if so, what role the European Union has played in its development over the past 30 years. In order to address this aim, the chapter provides a critical remapping of the development of national urban policy in different member states, examining them through the lens of the debate on Europeanisation. In so doing, it tries to understand to what extent the field of urban policy has revealed itself permeable to the development of the EU integration project. The chapter then examines the new EU Urban Agenda as a model to address urban challenges, in particular, exploring the integrated sustainable urban development model (ISUD). It concludes with some reflections on the new approach proposed through the EU Urban Agenda, as something that could become crucial for national states to renew their role in the field of urban policy.

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