Chapter 1: Introduction: building bridges between innovation and project management research
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The introductory chapter starts by suggesting that the ability to successfully conceive and execute innovative projects is increasingly important to the survival and prosperity of organizations - firms, start-ups, government bodies, NGOs and many others - particularly when conditions are increasingly uncertain, complex and rapidly changing. It then briefly explains how project management and innovative studies emerged and developed as two largely distinct literatures, offering quite different conceptual insights and contrasting practical guidance on how to manage innovative projects. Next, it introduces key theoretical research developed by pioneering scholars working at the interface between innovation and project management. It then provides a summary of the chapters in the four parts of the Handbook and how they advance our thinking by exploring synergies and building bridges between innovation, project management and adjacent research. It ends by identifying promising new avenues of research to improve our understanding and offer practical guidance on how to manage innovative projects in the future.