Chapter 1: Introduction to the Research Handbook on International Family Law
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In this introductory chapter, the editors explore the subject of ‘international family law’ as an independent field of study, observing that it combines swathes of private international law, as well as elements of human rights law and aspects of comparative law, and even some elements of public law. Highlighting the phenomenon of increased mobility, including high levels of inter-regional and international migration, the editors describe how more and more individuals live outside their country of origin, and/or live in a country of which they are not a national. The chapter explains that, as the number of international families grows, so too does the potential for cross-border, family law disputes. The chapter shows how international family law has developed, and continues to develop, to ensure that the cross-border, personal, financial and proprietary law consequences of such ‘international family’ relationships are appropriately regulated. Included in the introductory chapter is a precis of each of the subsequent chapters within the Handbook.