Chapter 15: Neoliberal, reformist and transformative-progressive green finance and possible futures
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The chapter summarises important findings from the contributions of the book. Based on these findings, and applying the distinction between neoliberal, reformist and transformative-progressive forms of green finance, we discuss the future of finance and its likely impact on the environment. We refer to two scenarios developed in a recent Report to the Club of Rome that discusses two opposing ways of dealing with the threat of a climate catastrophe: firstly, “Too little, too late”, and secondly “The great leap”. Under the assumption that neoliberal forms of green finance continue to predominate, it is concluded that they will contribute to the first scenario. The implications of assuming the rise of reformist forms of green finance are not completely clear. Whether they will feed into the second scenario depends on the specific configuration and the speed under which these measures are undertaken. Although they have not yet gained wide acceptance, implementing transformative-progressive strategies certainly contributes to a socio-ecological transformation and supports the realisation of the second scenario. It is political processes that will determine which form of green finance will prevail, and hence, what will be the future of our planet.

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