Chapter 1: Introduction to the Research Handbook on International Abortion Law
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This is the introduction to the Research Handbook on International Abortion Law. This volume provides an in-depth look at crucial changes in abortion law across the world, from the reversal of Roe v. Wade in the United States and the antiabortion decision of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal to the expansion of abortion rights in jurisdictions like Thailand and Argentina. But in addition to canvassing abortion laws across the globe, this volume brings together more than twenty authors from every continent to explore key forces that shape changes to abortion law: the role of courts, the promise and limits of decriminalization strategies, the influence of party politics or public health leaders, the strategies of movements opposed to sexual and reproductive rights, and the role of race, religion, and international human rights. Using a rich array of different methodologies, the authors explore the history, policy effects, and future struggles over legal abortion. These studies have tremendous value not only for anyone seeking to understand the complexities of shifting abortion rules but also for students of social change, offering an indispensable case study of how - and when - law can create social change.

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