Introduction to The Elgar Companion to Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence and Innovation in the Economy, Society and Democracy
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The book examines when, where, how, and why artificial intelligence and digital transformation in general can boost innovation and transform the economy, society, and democracy. It provides a holistic approach on the promotion of knowledge economy, knowledge society and knowledge democracy through digitalization. Developing around the Cyber-D4 nexus (Cyber-Defense, Cyber-Development, Cyber-Democracy, and Cyber-Diplomacy) different aspects of digital transformation in economy, society, democracy, and education are discussed. In this context, knowledge and innovation are considered crucial for the evolution of economy, society, and democracy. The handbook is organized in six parts covering different aspects of cyber-security, cyber-democracy, Society 5.0, Economy 5.0, and digital transformation in education. The chapter address current and critical issues regarding the collaboration between industries, governments, universities, and the civil society to adopt and adapt in knowledge sharing environment.