Chapter 1: The Multi Actor Multi Criteria Analysis framework
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Decision-making in the context of sustainable mobility and the transport sector often implies addressing complex problems featuring multiple interests and perspectives, conflicting objectives and different types of data and information. Typically, several levels of public policy are involved (local, province, regional, state and European levels) and several stakeholders (such as freight forwarders, investors, citizens, industry and so on) which have a vested interest in the ultimate decision, whether they encompass environmental, social, economic, technical or legal issues. If the decision-making process fails to take these interests into account, projects are often not implemented or lead to unacceptable delays or they can even be ignored by policy makers or attacked by the stakeholders. The chapter presents the Multi Actor and Multi Criteria Analysis (MAMCA) methodology, which has been developed to address such issues by explicitly considering and involving the stakeholders in the decision-process from the very beginning to the very end of the procedure.

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