Chapter 1: Deepening and broadening the field: introduction to Research Handbook on Nonprofit Governance
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The objective of this chapter is to deepen and broaden the reader’s understanding of nonprofit governance. The objective is pursued in three ways. First, the chapter offers a primer on the history and principles of nonprofit governance scholarship, for students and established researchers. This is achieved through attention to governance definitions; governance practices - boards, accountability and transparency, governance codes and collaborative governance - as they occur within organization type, stakeholder relationship and nonprofit regime contexts; and theoretical perspectives. Second, the work of contributors to the Research Handbook on Nonprofit Governance is contextualized within this governance ‘story’. The interplay means the chapter both serves as a standalone guide to the nonprofit governance concept and points to the scholars whose contributions are contemporary and authoritative. Third, the chapter critiques the limitations of the nonprofit governance literature and points to some of the lacunae – the gaps, the missing parts in the narrative.