Chapter 1: Access: Digital media can enlarge access to information about heritage destinations
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In this section, a major contribution of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) is presented and discussed - the possibility of providing access to unlimited information (and services) about heritage and tourism. This presentation will take place along three main steps. First, the opportunities offered by digital media are discussed, with reference to two "information intensive" fields, like tourism and culture. Second, the issue of information quality is addressed: the problem of so-called "information overload" - that is, offering a huge amount of information, quite frequently of poor or mediocre quality. Such an issue can be tackled both from the supply side - ensuring high/top quality content - as well as from the demand side – being able to select quality information out of a plethora of offers. Third, due to the borderless availability of digital information, their adequateness for different publics, with (very) different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, will be presented and discussed.