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This volume makes a distinctive contribution to the current debates over sustainable development by structuring the arguments around three critical themes raised by the societal debate over Our Common Future and the practical experience with sustainable development over the past three decades. These themes cover (a) negotiating environmental limits, (b) equity, needs and development, and (c) transitions and transformation. A cross-cutting theme that is evident in most chapters is the need to match the development priorities with those of the environment, and this is facilitated through frequent reference to climate change. This is in many ways the paradigmatic sustainable development problem, and Our Common Future was the first major international report to place climate change at the core of its concerns. Thus, at the close of the second decade of the twenty-first century, the book offers a series of critical reflections on these enduring themes. Although this discussion is grounded in history, the overriding concern is with the present and with the future as the authors of this volume seek to explore the question: What next for sustainable development?

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