Chapter 1: Introduction to the Research Handbook on Information Policy
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The Introduction to the Research Handbook on Information Policy contains three sections. Section one comprises a reprise of the information society thesis, according to which industrial nations are undergoing a paradigm shift into post-industrial societies. The original work of Daniel Bell is emphasized. It is argued that three recent developments corroborate the thesis, namely, the manifestation of scientifico-political power, the decisive consolidation of mass compunications and the normalization of neurotic panopticism. The second section elucidates the field of information policy, including its definition, origins, relations with other fields and locus in the academy. While endorsing the field's interdisciplinary status, a case is made for journalism studies being considered alongside library and information science as a practical base for institutional support. The final section contains a chapter-by-chapter summary of the contents of the Research Handbook on Information Policy, highlighting particular ways in which contributors consolidate or advance the field of information policy.

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