Chapter 1: Introduction to womens entrepreneurship and culture: socio-cultural dynamics, role-influenced behaviors and constraint negotiation
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In the introductory chapter to the book “Women’s Entrepreneurship and Culture: Socio-cultural context, traditional family roles and self-determination”, compiled in association with the Diana International Project, we present the eight chapters that comprise the book. The eight studies document different aspects of the interactions between gender and culture and their joint influence on women’s entrepreneurship rates and success. We organize the research themes into a framework highlighting three interconnected themes: the role of the socio-cultural context, traditional family roles and the strife for self-determination. This is followed by a presentation of the book chapters and how they collectively explain the influence of culture on women’s entrepreneurship and the influence of women’s entrepreneurship on culture in different regions around the world. We conclude by summarizing the major insights from this collection of studies and by suggesting some directions for future research.

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