In this concluding chapter readers embark on a reflective journey that encapsulates the main contributions of the book. Drawing together the threads of environmental justice, environmental principles, and the EU’s global role in the shipbreaking context, these concluding remarks offer a thorough yet short synthesis of the main research findings. Recognising the multifaceted dimensions of end-of-life ships, the chapter summarises the complexities arising from the overlapping applicable regimes, revealing the challenges inherent in regulating this complex issue from a sustainability perspective. The chapter navigates this complex regulatory web through the analytical lenses of the book, unpacking the nuanced interplay of the existing legal frameworks and the impact of EU power on the effective regulation of this global phenomenon. As the research culminates, this chapter serves as a thought-provoking finale, inspiring readers to engage critically with the ongoing developments in the ship recycling landscape and advocating further research in this complicated yet fascinating legal area.