Chapter 9: Conceptualizing femicide as a human rights violation
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This chapter conceptualizes femicide as a multi-faceted human rights violation. Aspects are drawn from previous chapters to clarify which human rights violations and international crimes are useful to conceptualize femicide. I propose a concept of femicide in the context of the existing human rights framework, departing from the general understanding of femicide as killings of women and girls based on their gender. I define femicide as 'widespread and severe violence which targets a defined group of women and girls based on their gender - in order to objectify, humiliate, and/or instill fear in them - ultimately relegating women and girls to a subordinate social status, where such violence remains unpunished by the State.' I examine each aspect of femicide in order: widespread violence, targeting a defined female social group, gender-based human rights violations, the subordinate social status of the female social group, and the impunity for acts of femicide.