Chapter 1: Visions: “pandemic halts climate change!”
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Looking back on the fateful year 2021, this chapter imagines how events might have taken a different path. Imagine for a moment that in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and due to sustained pressure from global protests, the United Nations achieved a breakthrough in climate policy. Completely unexpectedly, the global community of states set course for a sustainability revolution. Not just by using market mechanisms and technical innovations but by ushering in radical social transformation. The capitalist world system became obsolete. In the course of its transformation, societies emerged in which everyone became better off. True, people still fight and argue passionately, but global warming has been stopped. We are currently light years away from this vision of a sustainable socialist society, but it opens our eyes to what is actually possible and identifies the climate and degrowth movements as the new addressees of socialism for the 21st century.

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